St Andrew's

We love to be at the heart of our community and have the honour of marking the important markers in life: Christenings, Weddings, Funerals as well as supporting one another and growing together in faith. We are a friendly, traditional and caring community church and all and any are welcome to join us.

We meet every Sunday at 10am.

Find us on social media @churchastonstandrews


Meet The Vicar

st andrews church aston

Revd. Zoe Heming

I am a creative, wheelchair-using CofE Rev. with a passion for sharing faith in new ways. I believe church should be an inclusive, welcoming, community space for all people to discover and enjoy God-given gifts.

I'm a co-host on the TGI Monday Show and am an active member of General Synod. If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to contact me via phone or email, or say hello through any of my social media links below.


phone: 01952 810942


instagram: @churchastonstandrews

youtube: Zoe Heming